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Mineral Therapy Education Program

It’s FREE. There’s no obligation and there’s no commercial bias.

We want to help you become a more confident and effective prescriber. Each module is purely educational and presented in a way that makes complicated information accessible, because we recognise that your time is precious.

Study at home at your own pace and take your understanding and confidence to a new level.

Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • Homoeopathy: its history, principles and laws
  • The Arndt-Schulz Law, Hormesis and Avogadro’s Limit
  • The twelve mineral salts of Schussler
  • Basic inorganic chemistry
  • Cations and anions
  • Mineral elements and the life process
  • Human nutrition and minerals
  • Dose, form and safety of minerals
  • The prescribing indications for each salt
  • Patient and practice management
  • The chronic case
  • The acute case
  • The acute-on-chronic case
  • Discharging the patient
  • Maintenance treatment
  • The concept of self-care
  • Policies and procedures
  • Major event tracking
  • Informed consent
  • Marketing and selling yourself

Download these Educational modules:

Mineral therapy education module 1

Mineral therapy education module 2

Mineral therapy education module 3

Mineral therapy education module 4